Competella Attendant Console

- handle and transfer calls with a high level of service!

The Competella Attendant Console is designed and developed based on input from a large number of receptionists who has hands-on experience with the features required by a switchboard to be able to support the company in delivering precise service for callers to the company's main number.

The Competella Attendant Console supports the receptionists with a full overview of the current call, calls waiting, logged-on receptionist status, the organization including Skype for Business and Cisco line-state presence.

Competella Contact Center Enterprise

- multimedia modularity for the superior service experience

The Competella Contact Center Enterprise is a high-end solution designed to improve customer service
- regardless of which media the customer uses to contact the company
– all of it brought to you by Skype for Business (Lync). The Competella modularity makes it possible to choose the features and functions your company needs to service and interact with your customers
- at the level they expect!

Competella Contact Center Workgroup

- easy to deploy, manage and maintain!

The Competella Contact Center Workgroup is a mid-range Contact Center used by many companies who wants features and functions beyond the level of Office 365 Response Group Service.
The advantages are many with the Competella Contact Center Workgroup as an example there is no client application software to distribute and maintain for the IT department
– all call handling can be done with the native Microsoft Teams client. The scalability with Competella Contact Center Workgroup has proofed extremely high with our current customers who utilize it for many thousand agents and thousands of queues in production.

Competella Office User Add-on's

Microsoft Teams is a great tool for Collaboration and User centric communication - it however have a few gaps which the Competella fills in with the Office User Add-on's

Competella Routing Agent

Busy on Busy and route calls based on presence state.

Competella Call Forwarding Tool

Change forwarding settings on behalf of your colleague.s

Competella Mobile Presence Gateway

See if your colleague is idle or busy in a call on the mobile.

Competella Activity Management

With a simple abbreviation you can inform the reception what you are doing and when you will be back.

Competella Availability Voice Agent

Inform callers of your return time and avoid abandoned calls.