Cellip provides Voice calling to Microsoft Teams via Direct Routing.

Cellip launches telephony to Microsoft Teams via Direct Routing. This means that customers in 10 European countries can easily connect telephony to Microsoft Teams and get a single collaboration tool for all their communications, making other telephone solutions redundant. Customers will be able to increase their productivity while allowing cost savings.

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More than 3 000 companies have choosen Cellip

Office 365 - One solution for all your communication

Microsoft Teams contains everything needed for a modern and completely cloud-based phone service. Cellip also offers more advanced features and call center solutions for more advanced use cases.

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Do you want to make regular calls with Microsoft Teams?

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In Cellip's unique solution, you can call external numbers with Microsoft Teams. You will automatically get a redundant telephone solution available across Europe, with the ability to have international phone numbers from over 50 countries.

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Increase your revenue and profit, be more relevant to your customers and keep competition away. By becoming a partner to Cellip you will be able to provide your own branded Teams Voice services in you local markets, and give your customers a full collaboration and communications tool by Microsoft Teams.

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Have you already started to use Microsoft Teams or have plans to do? Make sure to get full usage by adding full voice and telephone system capabilities to your Microsoft Teams. Get latest communication tools to increase your productivity and collaborations, attract new and keep the right employees.

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Microsoft Teams is part of your digitalization

Use on any Device, coomunicate with apps

Multi sites, Multi countries

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One solution for all communication

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Full history of all communication

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With Office 365 you will always be secure

Replace old telephony or use in parallell